Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Journal Tutorial #2 &3 ~ Journal Cover and Journal Pages

Journal Tutorial #2 ~ Journal Cover
OK you say... I have a journal ... now what do I do?

Make your journal yours.
Give it a name.
My journal, is of course, called "Change", my
word for 2008.
But your Journal name can be whatever inspires you. A nickname, a flower, a virtue you aspire to, a friend. an enemy, a place, or whatever ignites your passion!

Then, do art on your
front and back covers.
Create ... embellish ... make your cover say "This is Me!"

Pick a color, any color you LOVE and apply it to your journal cover via pen, paint, paper collage or anything that strikes your fancy. Then embellish, embellish, embellish.
I did my covers with Modern Masters Metal Effects
- Reactive Metallic Paints in the
Rusted Iron Finish. It is a 4 step process using: acid blocking primer, iron metal paint, rust activator and finally sealing with Matte clear spay sealer. Then embellished with paper, and other goodies.
The cover might not be finished yet because I will probably add more as the year and I, progress and change.

Journal Tutorial #3 ~ Journal pages
You can use any kind of paper for your journal pages.
If you use the pages provided in the original photo album gesso the pages.
Note: Use undiluted gesso (NO WATER). water added to gesso will make sheets wave and ripple.

Once Journal is assembled you can work on individual journal pages as you desire.

Wherever you find inspiration, seize it!
"Lesser artists borrow, great artists steal." ~ Igor Stravinsky
Most of all remember ... JUST DO IT!

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