Sunday, January 20, 2008

What is your word for this year...

Everyday I am reminded, “There are no original ideas!
Just when I think, I’ve come up with something innovative or novel, I find someone else or even ME, in my past musings, has thought of that before.

Every morning, I visit one of my favorite blogs, Tracey’s A Cottage Industry. She is so positive and INSPIRATIONAL. Her links to “Oh, so many wonderful Blogs!” led me to Rebecca’s Out of Hand. I had not read her blog since Christmas. Rebecca has chosen as her word for this year, “Purpose”. Rebecca got the idea from Ali Edwards' in her December 31 post about her 'one little word' project. Ali encourages you to adopt one word that will be our focus for the coming year. Ali has chosen “Vitality”.

So, just as Rebecca and Ali, I encourage you to choose a word for this year. A word that will make, you, a better you.

Spend the day thinking about it.

Take a good look at yourself.

What do you need to bring into your life?

What to you need to get rid of in your life?

First, because an issue, a problem, what is wrong or bothering you, is easier to fathom, sometimes it is easier to “get rid of first”. Kinda like cleaning out all the junk in our studios before we can organize and create.

Then seek what you want or need to bring into your life to be more fully “you”.

Finally, how could you do this?

This is perhaps the most difficult thing to determine... but this will provide you with your word.

I looked at my life.

2007 was my year to “create one thing each day”. I did.

2007 was a year of tremendous highs and deep lows.

The highs were fabulous and I would not change them for bzillions$$$.

The lows and many losses were the things I did not like about 2007. These were things I could not change. Life, growing up, growing old, others, other’s lives, death, the world, and how things changed.

I cannot change the past and what has a happened but I can make changes today, the present, that will impact my future.

So in looking at 2008 for my word, I found ...

I need to get rid of ... all the accumulated junk, of 2007, and before. I need to “clean house” of the emotional baggage, physical weight, art supplies, collectible stuff, and just plain crapola junque in my life and in my home.

I need to bring into my life... organization, focus, new direction and MORE ART!!!!

I alone can only bring this about by ... CHANGE.

I can change myself.

I can change my perception

I can change how I see something.

I can change my point of view.

I can change my opinion.

I can change my mind.

I can change my mess and chaos.

So to initiate my change, I am spending January “getting rid of" and "cleaning out" one thing (hopefully more) each day.


So .... What is your word for this year?

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Kim said...

Wow, we are on the same wave length. My plan for this year is organization. I've been cleaning out like a crazy person. feels so good.

A couple years ago I had the same goal though and made it my goal to clean out a drawer or cupboard every day. Now, I feel like if I can clean out a little something everyday, I'm keeping on track. Hey, life is busy.