Monday, April 5, 2010

Artfest 2010 trades

WOW again.

It has been a week since I returned home last Sunday (3/28) from ArtFest 2010.
I had a fabulous time.
ArtFest is a time to rest, reconnect with friends from last year and make new friends this year, learn, be inspired and CREATE!

So as I promised to show you my trades ... here they are.
The theme this year was "Once Upon a Time". My trade was a mini story book. I made 72 booklets...28 short of my goal of 100. So as I said I'd do ... I made 30+ business cards embellished with the heart & key charms.

The booklet covers are made of Tyvek paper that was painted with acrylic paint. To print the text on the cover & back I coated the painted paper with Golden Digital Ground Medium, let dry then print text and logo on ink jet printer. Inside text was printed on linen paper, cut and folded accordion style, glued to cover and embellished with jump ring, floss and heart and key bronze charms. The mini story book contained a tiny bedtime fairy tale guaranteed to put you to sleep!
The story...

Once Upon a Time ~A Nouveau Fairie Tale of Damsels in Distress

I also made Artfest 2010 mini Banners (16) for my dorm mates. These were made of Tyvek paper, same process as covers above. Dorm mates hung the banners around their window or between bunk-bed posts to brighten up the dull dorm space!

I gave out all the booklets, some of the cards and all of the mini banners. Although I must admit I did not get as many trades as I gave away. It seemed I came across a lot of people who were either new and did not have a trade or just were not trading. Oh well, I was happy to give my booklets to them and I love the trades I did receive.

Unlike last year's trades that are still sitting in a zip lock baggie, I put the cards and tags in card protector sheets and was I able to use some of the trade material, paper and stuff in creating my class project.

n Friday evening of ArtFest, I was able to make a trade charm necklace.

All the trades
I received...thank you everyone!
Trades are FUNN!!!!!

Love the art in yourself and not yourself in the art.
~ Konstantin Stanislavsky


Michele A said...

I loved your trade!

Sharon House said...

Your trades were wonderful Gail! I really liked the bedtime stories... they were fun to read... I'd have never guessed they were done on Tyvek!!!