Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hearts ~ I LOVE Heartz!

The second February journal prompt is "Hearts"!
How lucky for me.... I love hearts.

This was so easy to do. I simply looked over by Valentine's (Heartz) Day post for inspiration.

On one side I reprinted all the quotes form the Valentine's post.
Then for the actual journal page
I gathered up a bunch of heart images I had been collecting and collaged away. finishing it off with a mylar overlay "Heartz"..
Fun ... fun ... fun!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thanks for stopping by & for the vote on painting the cabinets dark chocolate. I just may do it. I've already done one bath that way & loved it and this one might need the same treatment.

HOpe you'll come back again!

Tracey said...

Hi! Thanks for coming by to chime in on tables. I appreciate the vote for round and the confirmation on Due! Happy Thursday to you..

Meander said...

just found your blog via brooklyn limestone and i really really enjoy it! keep it up please, the inspiration and the quotes are pure perfection. i'm adding you to my blogroll asap. take care sweetie!

g said...

Are you still posting? because you should - your blog looks great!