Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saying .... I Love you

Are you in need a different way to "wrap"..ah present (preezent) a Valentine gift?
How about making a cute gift cone? I made one for a Yahoo group swap and it could not be easier.

Gift Cone Tutorial
There are several sources for instructions for making a gift cone.
Ruth Rae's fabulous fabric gift cone is in Quilting Arts Gifts, with instructions for creating a fabric or paper gift cone.

Basicallly, all you need is a 9" square of fabric or paper (2, 9" squares, if you want to line it) and embellishments!!!


• 9" square fabric or paper
• 9" square contrasting fabric or paper (optional)
• 1/2 yd of 3/8" ribbon, cording or yarn for hanging

• 1/4 yd trim, for seam (optional)

• 1/2 yd trim for top edge (optional)
• Tassel, beads or crystal (optional)

• Various embellishments: fabric, appliquets, beads, sequins, eyelets rivets etc (also optional)


1. Assemble all supplies and embellishments.

2. Stitch (glue for paper) 2 pieces of fabric/paper together right sides out.
3. Decorate outside fabric/paper.

4. Position trim down side of cone for seam to form cone later. (optional)

5. Place piping or trim along top point of cone. Stitch/glue in place.(optional)

6. Roll cone and hand stitch or glue along seam edge.

7. Stitch or glue ribbon handle to sides of cone.

8. Stitch tassel beads, or crystal to bottom point of cone. (optional)

9. Embellish more if needed.
10. Add gifts and present to loved one!!!

Cone back, side and front detail close-up.

My cone was made using silk paper fused to wool fabric and cotton batting.
Next post: Silk Paper


Patti G said...

Beautiful job! The cone is stunning and full of HeART! :0)

Veleta (sammy) said...

aren't they so fun to make!